Recruitment Agency with Technology Specialists

Recruitment agency with best alignment and strategies, With years of experience in IT recruitment as well as working in the industry we have a hands on approach of the industries working, we know how to find the right candidates for permanent and temporary job opportunities.

We are expertise in recruiting top-notch candidates for open IT Jobs.

Our dedicated team of professionals focus on the below threads to improve the process.

Our Technology recruitment expertise

As recruitment experts, we specialise in recruiting top-notch professionals for the following open IT jobs like the following:

  • CIO / CTO
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Business Analysis
  • IT Project and Programme Management
  • IT Support
  • IT Systems and Testing
  • Senior IT Management
  • IT Data Analysis
  • Talend Developers
  • Dat5a Stage Developers
  • Avinito Developers
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Python Developers
  • Service now Developers
  • IT Developers
  • ERP Developers
  • Systems Administration
  • IT Architecture
  • Networks
  • Security
  • Corporate consultancy
  • Automation/manual tester
  • RF Engineer
  • Ran Engineer
  • Mainframe Developers
  • Camunda
  • Vertica Developers
  • Cloud Architect (AWS Azure GCP)
  • C and C++
  • Embedded engineer
  • Informatica Developers
  • Technology consultancy
  • Consulting
  • Senior Technical
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit
  • Front End/ Back End Developers
  • Full stack Developers
  • DOT Net Developers
  • Dot BNet Core Developers
  • Mean Stack Developers
  • Mern Developers
  • Developers Ops – engineer
  • RPA Developers
  • Salesforce Developers/admin
  • Blockchain
  • UI/UX Developers/designer
  • LTE design engineer
  • Database developer/admin
  • Data migration expert

Health Care

If you’re a healthcare professional thinking about living and working overseas whilst developing your career – you are perfectly on time.

Health care being a life-saving profession needs the best talents in the industry to make a difference. With challenges increasing constantly in the field and newer technologies coming up almost every day, finding the right professionals to take your concern forward is most important. Transoceanic understands this compulsion very well and offers a vast amount of data.
base of qualified people to fill up the various positions in the healthcare sector globally.

Our detailed version of alignment is with Healthcare, below are the benefits why us and how we can outgrow your experience.

Our Expertise

Qualified candidates may find short term or long-term employment opportunities in various healthcare organizations. We understand clinical roles, market trends, licensing requirements, and employment laws in a global perspective very well. This allows us to guide you in the right direction and make the most of opportunities that come your way.

We offer candidates for the following categories in the Medical Industry.


A good nursing staff is worth its weight in gold! Competent nurses provide the best support to Physicians and speed up the recovery of the patients. Not only RN’s for hospitals but our candidates also include mid wives , hospice care , nurses specializing in healthcare for senior citizens etc. Fill up key positions in your organization with the best people in the industry. We have compiled a pool of well-qualified and talented individuals many of them having adequate experience in the field. Choose from our vast database of both junior and senior nurses who are ready to work from the WORD GO!

Allied Health

Allied health is a vast field that requires professionals having varied qualifications. For over 13 years, we have been meeting the needs of this industry quite successfully. Our database of candidates includes audiologists, dieticians, dentists, podiatrists, radiographers, social workers, and pharmacists. Besides radiographers, and more.


Paramedics are one of the key elements in the healthcare industry, they are the first responders in any crisis and it is of the utmost importance that they be trained accordingly. And due to such reasons the demand for a good paramedic is never low.

Physical Therapy

Become a part of the rehabilitative programs to improve the lives of injured athletes or soldiers via the fulfilling field of Physical Therapy. Organizations look for such qualified individuals to work in close association with physicians, social workers, and occupational therapists. Finding such career opportunities through Transoceanic is not difficult.


Qualified physician with zeal to serve patients and give them a new lease of life will never find a dearth of opportunity with us. We have dazzling opportunities in various specializations related to medicine and surgery with no bars for the deserving candidate.

As you can see, transoceanic offers a one-stop recruitment solution for the healthcare industry and an incomparable chance to deserving candidates for landing plum jobs. Whether you are an employer or a perspective employee, contact us TODAY to know more.


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We have been working with TransOceanic Staffing Solutions for 4 years now. And to say we are satisfied is to be understating things. The quality of resources provided by them is impeccable. Staffing is a complicated & critical area in business, but with trans oceanic we had the easiest experience we could have.
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National Enterprises
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With the range of services they provide in the field of staffing, TransOceanic staffing solutions have proved to be among the best in the business. With up to date background checks and resources who are compliant with the industry standards , it gives a pleasant staffing experience.
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After years of unsatisfactory experiences in staffing, we could not be more happy when we found out about TransOceanic staffing solutions. They have been more than competent enough to provide us with the best staffing solutions we could have asked for.
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Finding resources that meet industry standards is not a tough job in todays world. But to find resources who go beyond the industry standards and meet your specific needs, that’s a whole different ballgame. We are glad to have found TransOceanic Staffing Solutions who helped us get the best staffing experience and resources who met all our demands.