About us

Welcome to the Match Maker's network!

TransOceanic is a one stop solution to all your recruitment requirements. We understand how important screening is as a process to find the perfect match for our clients. We strategize in providing a candid client and candidate experience by understanding, analysing and delivering the best professional match.

TransOceanic builds a strong employer brand and attracts the right job candidate, hence saving time and adding value to your recruitment process. Enabling our clients to focus on core business rather than chasing the SLAs for hiring.

Overall, we believe in effective and fast recruiting to build up trusted customers. Interact with only candidates and not applicants. TransOceanic helps our clients to save a lot on time when it comes to finding the right talent for the job. We would only introduce our clients to those profiles which have been shortlisted and screened with more than the basic details required. This aims to provide a client experience on what they want the most.

Our values include from building up everything to fulfilling our clients’ needs, our values corely focus on Trust, Integrity, Loyalty, Innovation and Respect.

Our services ahead will give you a broad idea on our work pattern and strategies.